Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm back! With a discount for YOU!

First I would like to apologize for my brief hiatus. Unlike most other bloggers out there, I do the blog work during the weekend while working the 9-5'er during the week. I'm not going to make excuses. One weekend I didn't have my creative fluffies flowing and another weekend I just didn't feel like doing a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g. But I'm back, and what better way to be back then to have a post with a discount. Yup, I said it, a discount!
I'll start off by giving you some insight....some insight to our bare walls. My K is always asking for something on the walls. He thinks they're to bare. 
I agree with him, but when I think of putting things up on the wall the first thing that comes to mind Swiffer. Because the more things that go on the wall, the more I have to dust and the more I have to dust, the less time there is for my crafts. But he is right. We've lived in this house for almost two years and sometimes it can look like its ready for an Open House. No personality. So I gave in. Starting small at first.  It's an overwhelming feeling and I have to remind myself that nothing is permanent, I can always change my mind.  Easier said then done hence the empty frame in the second picture!
I had to start somewhere.....
There's an Etsy seller, TRwoodworks, that I've had my eye one for a while now.   They make the most adorable shelves.
I convo'd them (Etsy talk for emailing through the Etsy site) to see if they could make a custom size and as luck would have it, they could.  My shelf was made to order and was here so quickly!  It arrived in a neatly packaged box with the mounting hardware and directions (which I promptly handed over to my K) .

Because I had wanted one of these shelves for such a long time, I wanted it to be perfect.  For the finishing touch I went out and bought some flowers and painted a little sign.  (This will eventually be replaced once I can actually paint a little picture of our house, but I need practice, and lots of it.)
Here's a sample of some of their other shelves.  And you get to custom order your color!
Side note- Meg, I can totally see the red shelf in the lower left corner in your kitchen. 

Once my shelf was up and all cutie pie'd up, I convo'd them again asking if they wouldn't mind being featured on my blog.  They were more then willing & grateful and even offered a discount code to be used. But before we get there, I wanted to provide some background on this cute couple making these cute shelves:

Aaron and Julie Callison are a husband and wife team that own and operate TRwoodworks. Aaron has been wood-working since high-school, where he met Julie! They've been together ever since. Over the years they've lived everywhere from Hawaii and North Carolina, to Montana, where they currently reside. Aaron served in the US Army, and they even drove 18-wheelers together. But he loves woodworking. He spent the last 4 years working two jobs to build his shop and pay for his tools, and now finally works for himself full-time. Julie handles the business side of things, and really enjoys it. In her spare time, you'll most likely find her on the back of a horse! The other member of team TRwoodworks is small, but very important. The mini-schnauzer mascot Jonesy. You can bet if you're in the shop, he's there too! 

I like looking at my shelf knowing there is a story behind it, about the people who made it.  That is what handmade is all about. :) 

So click your way over to 
and if you are interested in purchasing something, use CODE : 1SS10 at checkout to receive 10% off your purchase!

Aaron, Julie, and Jonesy, thanks so much for letting me feature you on my blog! Happy Sales!


  1. I love your shelf and I really like how the hooks are black!! Good choice girl!

  2. What cute shelves! I love the jars built in to the shelf. Unique idea!